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Staley Construction is build on four solid principles:

quality, service, integrity and value.


  • We build houses that are at least 30 percent more energy-efficient than code requirements and rate well above Energy Star standards—without significantly impacting cost in order to do so. In fact, we recently received notification that a house we built is 41 percent more energy-efficient than code requires [a Residential Energy Services Network Home Energy Rating Index score (HERS) of 59].
  • In 2010, the National Association of Home Builders awarded us the Gold level of the National Green Building Guidelines (recently renamed National Green Building Standards) signifying our strong commitment to building with energy efficiency, quality and the environment in mind. To achieve this standard, a builder earns points for incorporating into a building plan a number of features that address energy, water and resource efficiency; lot and site development; and indoor environmental quality. To reach the Gold standard, a builder must earn 395 points; we earned 620 with a recently completed home.
  • We will not sacrifice quality for the sake of price. We believe choosing and producing quality products always benefits the homeowner in the end. Making product choices based solely on price is often regretted later. However, we can often find high-quality materials at prices that will meet your budget. This is an area that Staley Construction prides itself on.
  • We believe the quality of our workmanship must show in all areas of a home.
  • Meeting building codes is a base point for our work. Our team strives to go well above and beyond code requirements in all areas.
  • We strive to build houses that are 30 percent more energy-efficient than code requirements and rate above Energy Star standards—without significantly impacting cost in order to do so.


  • Our owner, Bill Staley, is on the building site every day. He is not only monitoring the work of our team of subcontractors, but also working alongside them, constructing the home. Being present and an active participant helps ensure the entire team and all the details of building come together to form a quality home.
  • We work closely with our clients to build homes based on what they want, not products we are trying to sell.
  • We are focused on our clients’ dreams, first and foremost.


  • We work regularly with subcontractors and suppliers we know and trust, giving homeowners continuity in product, workmanship and quality.
  • Our owner, Bill Staley, personally stands behind the homes we build.
  • We will always be completely honest with our clients and team.
  • The subcontractors who work with us must adhere to the four principles we do.
  • Our homes come with a standard, 10-year home warranty through Residential Warranty Corp.
  • When we finish a home, we know that we have done our best work and have met the desires and dreams of our clients.


We strive to get you the best value for your money. That’s not to say that you’ll get the least expensive home, necessarily, but rather the choices we make and the products we choose will come together to create a home with incredible financial and personal value for the homeowner.

Read more about our owner, Bill Staley.